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Electrical utility installation and construction/assembly work – PET Communications Constanta

Electrical utility installation and construction/assembly work

S.C. PET COMMUNICATIONS L.L.C offers a wide range of services, both for plans and designs created by the company and those provided by the beneficiary, including:

- construction and/or fitting out of transformer substations (pole-mounted, independently housed or incorporated in buildings);
- mounting of compact transformer substations, in concrete or metal housings;
- fitting out of transformer substations and connection to the power supplier's MV grid;
- renovation of and technological upgrades to high, medium and low voltage equipment, automation systems and capacitor batteries in transformers and transformer substations);
- execution and repair of 0.4 kV - 110 kV power grids;
- construction of LV supply lines, overhead or underground;
- installation and fitting out of flush mounted connection boxes;
- execution and repair of low current installations (relay protection, automation, signalling, pilot wires, telecommunication lines, fibre optics, etc.) relating to 0.4 kV - 110 kV power grids;
- execution and repair of lightning protection and earthing installations;
- tests and inspections of MV and LV electrical installations;
- power lines and transformer substations for medium voltage supply to certain consumers;
- inspection of earth and lightning protection and repairs to indoor power installations;
- installation and repair of street and decorative lighting;
- indoor power installations;
- electric actuation and automation;